Image of Sacred Mama Soak {Postpartum Bath Herbs}

Sacred Mama Soak {Postpartum Bath Herbs}


Sacred Mama is a herbal bath tea blend blended to assist mama in healing through the 4th trimester.

Sacred Mama soak soothes sore perineal muscles and hemorrhoids, slows bleeding, minimizes swelling, and helps dry the newborn’s umbilical cord. All while creating a relaxing and restoring bonding experience between mom and baby!

Postpartum Herb Bath is suggested for external use only. For optimal results, take 3-5 Postpartum Herb Baths during your first week postpartum, or as soon after birth as possible.

Ingredients: All Organic Herbs of Witch Hazel Bark, Red Clover, California Poppy, Rose, Fennel Seed, Calendula, Alfalfa, Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Lavender, Corn Flowers

Suggested Use: Add 1/4-1/2 cup of dried herb into a quart jar, cover with boiling water and let it steep for 4 hours to overnight. Strain and pour this tea into bath water or create a sitz bath. Add epsom salts if desired or simply use as is. Roughly 3 heaping cups of dried herbs in a recylable friendly kraft bag. You should get around 6-7 baths perfect for the first week of motherhood.

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