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Green Magic Heal All Salve

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Green Magic is all-purpose skin healing salve and is the first salve to come out of my apothecary in the spring. I ethically wildcraft all of those powerful spring greens, slowly infuse them into organic oils and then slowly melt into organic beeswax to create a alchemy of healing spring allies to carry with you.

Green Magic Salve is useful in a myriad ways: for wounds, irritated skin, trauma such as burns, bruises, scrapes, ulcers, blisters, scar tissue, dermatitis, chapped lips, cracked skin, sunburns, dry, mature or weathered skin, rashes, bug bites, diaper rash, hemorrhoids, perineal and labial tears, etc.

Green Magic Salve is handcrafted in small batches to insure quality and integrity.

Ingredients: Organic, cold pressed olive, rice bran, and pumpkin seed oils with solar infused herbs picked at the peak of potency of plantain, yarrow leaf, violet leaf and flower, dandelion leaf, comfrey leaf, elder leaf, chickweed, cleavers, organic beeswax, organic essential oils of lavender and tea tree

Absolutely safe for children and pets.

1 oz glass jar (great for home) or 0.25 tin (great for tossing in diaper bags, purses, hiking packs, etc...)

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